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Cruising Information

Cruising Area

We are principally based in Shetland but are delighted to be able to offer charterers the scope to cruise around the whole of the Shetland and Orkney isles. We recommend that for charters looking to include both island groups, you should allow for a minimum of 10 days for 1 way charters and 2 weeks for return to base charters.

Cruising in Shetland and Orkney

With over a hundred and 70 islands, to potentially visit between the two island groups you will be spoilt for choice.

While the two main towns of Lerwick and Kirkwall are certainly worth including in your itinerary many of the hidden gems can be found in the outlying islands such as Fair isle or Foula in Shetland or Papa Westray in Orkney.

Fair Isle lying roughly equidistant between the two island groups, is readily accessible from Shetland or Orkney so could form part of a cruise based in either island group or a convenient stop off point between the two.

Both island groups have so much to offer so please check out the Cruising Shetland and Cruising Orkney pages for more detailed information on each group.

If you want to check what conditions are like in real time, Shetlands extensive webcam network can be found here

A webcam showing Kirkwall harbour can be found here


We have provided below maps showing the locations which we would normally operate from. If you would prefer another start or finish point this may be able to be arranged.

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