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Cruising Shetland

There are 100 Shetland islands just waiting for you to explore. The 15 inhabited islands are well served with numerous piers, community marinas and sheltered anchorages offering you countless options for your visit. Some of Shetlands smallest islands are its most iconic. To find out more about what Shetland has to offer visit

A hundred islands await you when you charter a yacht from 60Nsailing to visit Shetland, with 15 inhabited and with an extensive network of piers and marinas, as well as numerous sheltered  anchorages, you'll always find a warm welcome and a safe harbour.


People are often surprised at the size of Shetland and while a circumnavigation is possible within a week, it will require some steady sailing and will not leave much time for shore excursions. We offer the option to start from either Scalloway on Shetlands West coast or Lerwick on the East coast and one way charters are possible, allowing you to cover more of Shetland without having to back track. 


While Lerwick harbour is the most popular landfall for cruising boats and there is lots to do in the town, the harbour can get busy. Scalloway on the other hand is quieter and offers easier access to the much less explored and arguably better cruising on the west side, while still offering good facilities for yachts.


The excellent CCC Sailing Directions - Orkney and Shetland, now in its second edition, is an invaluable source of information in your trip planning. the main tourism portal is also a huge resource in helping you plan. Within the website there is a section dedicated to yachting and information on piers and marinas which can be found here.

If you prefer anchorages, among our favourite are Sand voe, Gluss voe, Burravoe, Bastavoe, Dock of Linganess, St Ninians isle, Tresta, the Hams of Roe and Ronas Voe. There are many many more.


Shetland has two small offshore islands; Fair Isle and Foula which if time and weather permit should be places on your bucket list. They both appear on our featured destinations page. The slightly less remote Out skerries are also a picturesque place to visit.

For a different perspective Shetland islands with Leah on Instagram gives a fantastic insight into what Shetland has to offer.

If you would like to check out Shetland before visiting, there is a network of high quality webcams in various locations around the islands.

If you require any more information about cruising in Shetland do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your plans with you.


Map used under CC licence attributable to Finlay McWalter

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